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raywyn's Hearth

The Olde Ways and the New

10 - 4 Thurs - Sun

Exhibition runs 6th April - 15th April

Greetings! Be Welcome to My Hearth.

Created from a place of Knowledge of the Old Ways, my Talismans are powerful and unique. 

They already exist in these special timbers, I merely bring them to the fore. 


All pieces are handmade, I use only handtools. Power tools? Well, they are my hands and my knives, along with a handsaw, an awl, and files. Any burning on these pieces is provided by way of pyrography torch (the only electrical tool used) .  


All timbers are sourced from specialty timbers that would otherwise be wasted. I believe that if a tree must fall, it is incumbent on us to use as much of it as we can. The raw timber is Cleansed (purified) first, then I create them only when I am in the right Space, be it Warrior or Goddess, so my Focus and Intention is in every mark, slice, or sanding. 


Only natural sealing stuff is used, various extracted plant oils and bees-wax.

Blessed by the Elements and Charged by me, these powerful pieces will stand you in good stead.


On display are two distinct types of talismans, there is the JӧrdTaufrs, which is a Goddess Talismans and there is the Warrior Guard - all of these are for both men and woman to wear, as they are not gender specific.



Artist's Statement

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