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Super Cute Australian Animal Pins


Perfect for all places that pins can go, your lapel, backpack, cap, bag or worn as a brooch on your favourite jumper!


Each pin has two fastenings at the back for a secure hold.


We currently have 17 designs and we will be adding more as we go.


Please list which 5 pins you would like today.


The Birds and the Bees

- Honey Bee

- Honeycombe Bee (this pin has 1 clutch on the back)

- Supurb Fairy Wren

- THe Masked Owl

- Bee Power - Iron on Patch

- Queen Bee - Iron on Patch


The Ocean Dwellers

- Humpback Whale

- Dolphin

- Great White Shark

- Blue Ringed Octopus

- Tassie King Crab

- Australian Fur Seal

- Little Penguin


Aussie Animals

- Tasmanian Devil

- Pademelon and Joey

- Wombat

- Spotted Quoll

- Bandicoot

- Tasmanian Tiger

- Platypus

Set of 3 Aussie Animal Lapel Pins

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